Ways to Increase Employee Productivity with PeerFives

Ways to Increase Employee Productivity with PeerFives

PeerFives is a team collaboration software that utilizes Slackbot to help HR and decision-makers understand and measure each employee’s contribution. It provides an effective employee recognition methodology that can be used to motivate employees and boost their morale. PeerFives Rewards system gives you a competent way to appreciate the hardworking employees in your team by providing them PeerFives reward points. In this article, we discuss how you can utilize PeerFives to increase your employee’s productivity and get the best out of them by making them feel appreciated and recognized. 

Ensure Employees Know How to Earn Peer Points

Like any new initiative that you might introduce to your employees, it is vital to ensure that your employees understand how the PeerFives rewards and recognition system works. Once your employees have a thorough understanding of how this system works, they will be able to make the best use of it to improve their efficiency and provide high-quality submissions. 

Ways to Increase Employee Productivity with PeerFives

Ways employees can earn Peer Points.

  1. Completing individual challenges
  2. Completing team challenges
  3. Learning new skills
  4. Assisting teammates

Employees can also use Peer Points to measure their contributions, and this is essential since employees need to know how much their work is worth and how it helps your company bring its vision to life. Peer Points also help employees communicate among themselves and appreciate each other. By doing so, your team can build stronger bonds and be more connected with each other.

Appreciate both big and small victories with Peer Points

Every contribution, small or big, plays a role in your company’s betterment. Recognizing even the smallest of inputs will let your employees know that you value their time and efforts. When employees understand the importance of their work, they will not slack off or make subpar submissions. Most leaders are vocal about their praise, but this cannot be measured. Peer Points overcomes this setback by giving decision-makers an efficient way to benchmark contributions and employees with visual and measurable proof that their work has not gone unrecognized. 

Ways to Increase Employee Productivity with PeerFives

How can Peer Points help your team?

  1. Setting goals: Good leaders provide their employees with a yardstick to measure the progress they have made. Peer Points provides an innovative way to set milestones for both individuals and teams. You can use them to help your employees understand their progress towards solving a particular challenge or completing the task they are given. 
  2. Sense of healthy competition: Employees can pool their rewards for team challenges and redeem team points via group activities. This sets up healthy competition for everyone in the organization.
  3. Celebrating success the right way: Want to celebrate a victory for your team? PeerFives can help you get that gift card, ice cream social, jam session, Friday beer kegs, or a one-day team outing you might be planning? PeerFives can help you set it up and even book local events for you(some events may have a nominal booking fee). No more tedious contracts or phone calls that get in the way of your productivity.

PeerFives – a remote-work imperative!

Employees had to restructure their work ethic and style to make it suitable for the remote-work situation that has become increasingly common since the onset of COVID-19. This adjustment has not come easy to everyone, and some employees might still be grappling with the intricacies of working from their homes. It has also become more difficult for employers to show their employees the recognition they deserve. Peer Points is a remote-work imperative that PeerFives rewards for productive employees. 

Ways to Increase Employee Productivity with PeerFives

Even teams changing due to the remote-work situation can use Peer Points as a peer-to-peer employee recognition program that helps connect a growing team. Studies show that when companies spend 1% or more of payroll on recognition and rewards, 85% see a positive outcome on engagement. Peer Points is an excellent initiative employers should incorporate to increase the sense of a shared purpose among their employees.

Earn Your Rewards Frequently

PeerFives rewards and recognition work best when they are put into use at regular intervals. It provides you a way to show your admiration for your employees. Still, it is your responsibility to motivate your employees, get them on board with the idea, and consistently earn rewards. When employees always hit targets, they will have a sense of accomplishment and pride. It motivates them to look for more ways to improve the quality of their work. 

Employees can earn Peer Points by expanding their skillset. PeerFives helps build a team culture that nurtures a learning spirit by allowing managers to set automatic rewards when an employee acquires a new skill.


Teamwork makes the dream work! Managers can use the Peer Points initiative as a rewards and recognition system to improve their team’s morale and build a sense of connection between you and your employees. Announcing your employee’s contributions and providing positive affirmation on a platform connected to your entire organization is the best way to show employees that they play a major role in the betterment of the company. 

Employees are also given a reason to add to their skill sets which can help them improve the quality of their work. This is a win for them and your organization. Success is sweet; being rewarded and recognized for your big and small victories is sweeter.