Using Peer recognition to keep everyone motivated

February 115 mins

The world was taken by surprise in 2020 when billions of people across the globe were made aware of the Coronavirus. Towards the end of 2019, reports had begun emerging out of China about the spread of a virus that had no line of treatment nor a cure. Soon enough, the virus spread across the globe like a wildfire and engulfed almost every nation. People across the globe had little knowledge about the virus, and scientists kickstarted the race to develop a vaccine. With breakthroughs in developing a vaccine, late in 2020, humanity had a glimmer of hope. Throughout 2021, the tussle to achieve normalcy continued as many countries were facing subsequent waves of infection while vaccines were being administered across the globe at a never seen before rate.

Just when the world started limping back to normalcy, towards the end of 2021, there emerged reports of the spread of a vaccine-resistant mutation of the Coronavirus that was working relentlessly to help the pandemic tighten its clutches once again all across the globe. The Omicron variant, as of today, has been quite successful in forcing people back inside their homes and disrupting a seemingly normal life post the peak of the pandemic.

However, here many questions arise; people wonder if the reduced severity of the infection is a good sign and whether the pandemic is now entering a stage where it can be proclaimed as endemic. While that remains to be seen and discussions pertaining to it are better left to scientists, we at PeerFives are here to discuss the profound effect that the re-emergence of the Coronavirus has on a workplace and how simple and effective peer recognition strategies adopted by organizations can psychologically help individuals to uplift their peers in perhaps the most frustratingly endless of times.

Before the pandemic, members of a team had numerous ways of keeping each other motivated. The fact that they were physically present for their peers in times of need and even otherwise made a world of difference. It is scientifically proven that we as humans respond extremely well to physical contact when we are at our lowest. However, beyond this, teams were able to meet, discuss issues, recognize good work and socialize in-person to ensure that each member was motivated to work, satisfied at work, and eager to give their best.

Now, as we complete two years in isolation from our colleagues, many of us face despair. The ray of hope of seeing a normal world in 2022 being crushed by the Omicron variant has further demotivated many of our peers. If one can relate to this, we recommend that one encourages better and more innovative ways of peer recognition at their workplace. This can help instantly as peers shall develop a sense of belonging, isolation shall no longer be a prison sentence, rather peer recognition shall unite the workforce to not only psychologically give their best at work but also physically prepare them to resume work on-site if things normalize within the coming few months.

In our previous posts, we’ve already discussed the various methods of peer recognition that can be adopted during the pandemic to motivate the workforce. However, considering the extended period of remote working, there are a few more ways that can not only uplift the spirits of individuals but truly establish a bond between peers that shall ultimately show improved performance at work:

1. New Skills:

The re-emergence of COVID has once again pushed people back indoors, and while there may no longer be strict lockdowns, people end up wasting time on unproductive activities before or after work hours. One great way to motivate peers would be to keep them mentally engaged. The best way to do so would be to gift them online courses that they can complete at their own convenience. These may not only bolster their resume, but some of these courses may also help them be equipped with a life skill they need or always wanted to acquire.

2. Gift Cards:

Peer Recognition always doesn’t involve kind words; sometimes, a little token of appreciation can help individuals not only feel good but also indulge in the pleasures of life. Gift cards are a great way of recognizing good work by a peer. Organizations that use PeerFives are no strangers to this as the Marketplace on PeerFives is a literal window to redeem points and fetch gift cards to some of the most popular brands across the globe.

3. Celebrating Every Victory:

In these uncertain times, every individual is fighting their own battles, both on the personal as well as professional front. It is essential that peers motivate each other through every such battle. At the end of these battles, victories should be celebrated; losses should be taken on the chin with the hope of a fresh start. Support systems such as these are vital in peer recognition. So when your peer wins their fight against COVID, share the good news on the team collaboration app, motivate them through the recovery, just ensure that motivation isn’t restricted to work-based battles.

4. Recognition at Every Level:

Peer recognition is undertaken to foster better working relations between team members. This, in turn, ensures better results at work. Team leaders and managers must ensure that they actively participate in recognizing good work by members of the organization. Compliments and Praises by higher-ups invariably tend to have an infinitely stronger positive response and help the workforce stay motivated for longer spells of time while letting an individual know that their work is being noticed by people in positions of power.

Ultimately, while to many it may seem like there is no end to the pandemic, there are countries in Europe that are now discussing whether or not the Coronavirus must be treated like the flu, something that spreads across the community annually but doesn’t hamper the everyday lives of billions of people. While this may give hope, one can continue being the sunshine and day of hope for many of their peers with their kind words of appreciation, actions from afar, and genuine concern. For every kind of assistance in this endeavor of peer recognition, PeerFives is right by your side, contact us, to know more now!