The Impact of PeerFives at Solvative

The Impact of PeerFives at Solvative

PeerFives as a peer recognition tool has grown from strength to strength. We have seen an ever-increasing base of users, and we aim to serve them in the best possible manner, right from providing them a flawless service to ensuring that they make the most of all the features that we offer. In today’s blog, we will be sharing the experience of our first set of users, a full-stack software development focussed company known as Solvative. Team Solvative became a user of PeerFives shortly after we started our journey and their employees perhaps know PeerFives like none of the other users do. Hence, we try to understand the impact that a peer recognition tool such as PeerFives has on an organization of Solvative’s scale and size.

The Beginning:


Solvative has been using Slack for quite a few years, and while they did use the team collaboration software to implement a peer recognition program, they certainly felt the lack of a number of features that could help them in not just implementing their peer recognition program better but also execute the whole program in a much more streamlined manner. 

The biggest advantage here was that Team Solvative was actively using Slack, and PeerFives is a peer recognition tool that offers seamless Slack integration. This led to a simple and straightforward adoption of the tool by the entire team. With a few clicks, they were all good to go. 

Team Solvative:

Team Solvative

Team Solvative is expanding, but that’s not it; they are expanding rapidly. Adding multiple new employees on a monthly basis does make it difficult to incorporate everyone into a peer recognition program without a proper peer recognition tool. Here’s where PeerFives made their job simple. Each newly onboarded employee could use PeerFives directly on their Slack. Also, using their login credentials, they could also access the Marketplace, a dedicated zone to redeem their PeerFives for gift cards and vouchers from some of the most loved brands from across the globe.

Nurturing a Culture of Gratitude:

Nurturing a Culture of Gratitude

To nurture a culture of gratitude takes a monumental effort in every workplace. However, for Solvative, doing this was a simple and straightforward endeavor. Using PeerFives, every employee is given the power to recognize good work done by their peers. The PeerFives reward is to add to the incentive. However, the real winner here is the publicly broadcast messages on Slack.

Whenever an employee was rewarded for good work at Solvative, they got recognition and praise from all directions. This encouraged them to continue doing better, and at the same time, a culture of gratitude was built where each employee carried forward the gesture and instantly recognized any other good work done by their colleagues. This subsequently eliminated any sort of negative competitive spirit that could hamper the smooth working at the workplace.

Simplified HR Tasks:

Simplified HR Tasks

For organizations of Solvative’s scale, the tasks for the Human Resources team are endless; whenever there is a festival around the corner or when gifts need to be sent, a list of all the employees needs to be compiled, and their individual preferences need to be taken into consideration (in case of apparel, size, and color) and then individual orders need to be placed along with the address. The whole process is time-consuming and inefficient. 

Ever since Team Solvative started using PeerFives, their team’s work has been simplified; either all their employees received vouchers on the PeerFives Marketplace as gifts, or certain merchandise or apparel was made available to them, the employees had to log in, select their size, choice of color, and checkout. 

Performance Metrics:

Performance Metrics

Analyzing and understanding the outcomes of a peer recognition program are extremely important. This offers a true insight into the effectiveness of the program itself. While Team Solvative did reap the benefits of a well-implemented peer recognition program using PeerFives, they did get the opportunity to further enhance the peer recognition program. 

Data from the PeerFives Dashboard helped Team Solvative understand the organic interactions between employees. It also helped them study the different levels of inter-departmental coordination. Teams that went the extra mile to deliver solutions were also brought into the spotlight by peers, and the efforts of each individual in the team were highlighted.

Appraisal Cycle:

Appraisal Cycle

Team Solvative follows the annual appraisal cycle. While this is widely appreciated and supported by their employees, there is always some fear in the minds of employees of other companies that follow an annual appraisal cycle. The major point of difference between Solvative and other organizations following an annual appraisal cycle is the use of PeerFives.

Since Solvative uses PeerFives, the employees are fully assured of being fairly appraised at the end of the year. They know that any good work done by them, no matter how long ago it was, shall be taken into consideration with the desired impact all because of the data-driven approach that PeerFives provides. 

Team Solvative carefully studies the data from the dashboard, understands the progress of the employee, and appraises them accordingly. On the flip side, the same data helps Team Solvative understand where the employee can perform better and provides scope for constructive feedback as well. 

The Overall Impact:

The Overall Impact

In conclusion, this blog shares the small yet significant ways in which PeerFives has had a major impact on the operations of Team Solvative. From simplifying the way in which peers can instantly recognize good work to giving Solvers a platform to express their gratitude to peers for any sort of help they’ve received. Even gifting, rewarding, and subsequently, redemption has also been simplified with the use of one simple tool such as PeerFives. 

Today, as Solvative grows exponentially, the management team and decision-makers no longer need to worry about maintaining a positive work culture, and effective solution-delivery methods as these are efficiently managed by the employees themselves using PeerFives.

For all those organizations that wish to unlock the full potential of their teams just like Solvative, head to our website now and take advantage of our FREE 30-day trial.