Put the Thanks in Thanksgiving with PeerFives

November 294 mins

A large part of the world kickstarts the festive season along with billions of people who consider Thanksgiving Day the beginning of this season. Having celebrated Thanksgiving on the 25th of November this year, it is that time of the year. Everyone is merry, joyful and can’t wait to embrace loved ones in front of a warm fireplace, share meals, exchange gifts, and create memories. However, the festive season beginning with Thanksgiving is also a time to share happiness and acknowledge everyone around you who makes your life better. Amongst many, the key individuals are your colleagues from work.

These are individuals who work alongside you to fulfill a greater purpose. You are essentially part of a machinery where every individual plays a key role in smooth functioning. As seen at most workplaces across the globe, without the exhibition of perfect partnership and team dynamics, it is impossible to achieve success. Thus, it is imperative that you express gratitude toward them. Appreciating the good work done by them, the help they have offered throughout the year, and recognizing the effort they have taken is the crux of how employees of an organization must celebrate Thanksgiving at the workplace.

This festive season, express gratitude freely and spread positivity by saying something nice or offering a compliment without any hesitation. Reach out to everyone you come across at work, irrespective of the hierarchy. For organizations that have just a handful of employees, undertaking this endeavor is relatively easy. However, for enterprises, we understand that the whole exercise is a complicated task. Employees often have to reach out to a large number of people and customize messages for each peer, and sending a token of appreciation can be difficult. This further becomes challenging when multiple colleagues are working remotely from different cities, countries, and even continents.

Here’s where PeerFives comes to your rescue. To brief those who are unversed, PeerFives is a peer recognition tool that seamlessly integrates with leading team collaboration software such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. PeerFives fulfills all your peer recognition and rewarding requirements in a simple and efficient manner. This Thanksgiving, make the most of PeerFives and unlock the full potential of your team in the following ways:

Motivate Your Peers:

Praise in public

Motivating your peers can be difficult, especially if you are miles away from them. In such scenarios, make the most of PeerFives and send rewards or recognize them publicly with a message on your team collaboration software. This will most certainly be sufficient to keep them motivated during the festive season to work hard despite the distractions before finishing the year off on a high.

Spread Joy:

The festive season is all about thanking those who you work with every day. Whether it is in-person or virtually, always do your best to make the work environment joyful. The season calls for smiles, and make sure you do your bit by bringing a big smile to everyone’s face. Use PeerFives and keep spreading smiles with just one click.


Many of your peers have experienced an entirely different type of year. Some of them may have had to deal with personal issues, health problems, grief, loss, or just a year of poor outcomes at work. It is essential to understand that they may not celebrate the festive season with joy and fervor. As a peer, it then becomes your duty to uplift your colleague and encourage them. Use PeerFives to constantly recognize their efforts and empathize with their situation.

Culture of Gratitude:

Developing a culture of gratitude within an organization is extremely challenging. Most individuals fail to timely recognize help received and reward peers for good work. People express gratitude without fail during the festive season, but they eventually become forgetful throughout the year. With PeerFives, you can start building a culture of gratitude at the right time and sustain it throughout the year without any hiccups.


Not everyone celebrates the same festivals. Different religious beliefs translate to different ideas of festivities. However, the basic idea behind any festival is to invoke a feeling of togetherness. To promote unity and create an atmosphere of inclusiveness. This festive season, bring your peers closer and make them a part of the celebrations, and PeerFives will help you every step of the way. Just gift your colleagues exclusive merchandise or perhaps even vouchers so that they can get something they love for themselves.

At PeerFives, we understand the impact that instant recognition and custom rewards have; this festive season, we wish to empower every user and enable them to make the most out of peer-to-peer recognition. PeerFives truly helps you put the “Thanks” in “Thanksgiving.” You can get started right now with our FREE 30-day trial and unlock the full potential of your workforce.