Though most of our users are convinced within a week of the trial period, We at PeerFives offer a 30-day trial with all the features, so that those of you who like to make decisions after thinking thoroughly aren’t left out! Just add your credit card details while signing up for the trail and you can start right away! Don’t worry though, you won’t be billed until the trial period concludes.

PeerFives has three main pricing plans, they are named Startup, Growth and Enterprise respectively. The distinguishing factors between these are the number of users and some added perks. The prices start from 99 USD/Month and custom plans can be created as per your organization’s requirements as well.

We accept all the major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

No Pirates Here! We securely save your credit card details using Stripe!

We aren’t the biggest fans of hide and seek, once your trial expires, you won’t be charged a single penny. You can choose the pricing plan that suits you the best and start using PeerFives at your convenience. However, if you wish to discontinue using our services, you will have to manually cancel your subscription to avoid being billed on your credit card.

Pauses are the best only on streaming services when you need to go get some popcorn! With PeerFives users shall seldom find reasons to pause a subscription. While we don’t offer this as a feature, you can disable auto-renewal to prevent being charged for the next cycle. *link*

Resetting often makes things right! If you want to reset your accont data, head to the Dashboard and make the necessary changes.

We do everything possible to retain customers, but if leaving us is inevitable, you can deactivate your account and get every single detail of your previous transaction from our database.

The PeerFives Marketplace is simply too irresistible, vouchers from top brands across the globe await you in exchange for points! Admins please note that only once a user redeems points, their card shall be charged for proportional amounts.

No. Cancellation fees are for companies who wish to make money from Unhappy customers and these are something we’ve fortunately never had!

Rewarding on PeerFives is as simple as giving out a compliment. Just fire up Slack, head to the PeerFives App, use the “/peerfives reward” command and tag the person you wish to reward, along with the number of points. Simple!

Redeeming PeerFives points is straightforward, all one needs to do is head to the vast marketplace. Check which reward is lucrative and can be purchased with your points, once you choose just hit redeem and done!

PeerFives works on the principle of instant recognition of your peers for good work done. Each user has a fixed number of points to award peers each month. They can award these points via the PeerFives app on Slack. Stating the reason for awarding the points is always recommended. Once done, everyone in your organization is notified and a peer’s genuine efforts are brought to light!

Checking PeerFives points is easier than checking your bank balance. Just head to the PeerFives App on Slack, type in the command “/peerfives balance” and you shall get your balance details instantly on screen.

PeerFives’ Dashboard offers an in-depth insight into the awarding of points by employees, the levels of interaction, and much more. These insights can then be studied well to understand employees better. A detailed article about the same can be seen via this *link*

Yes! PeerFives is all about recognizing good work. As this simply isn’t limited to individuals, good work done by a team or a group of individuals can also be recognized by awarding points to the entire team collectively.

The PeerFives App on Slack has a command known as “/peerfives help” which allows users to see all of the different commands that they can use to maximize the potential of PeerFives.

We love giving people a first hand experience of our product, all those who are interested can head to our website and click the “Schedule A Demo” as per their convenience. Once that’s done, sit back and let our executive reach out to you.

At present, PeerFives is available only on Slack. However, you shall soon be able to unlock the full potential of your team using PeerFives on Microsoft Teams as well.

Yes, we encourage as many people as possible to avail the free trial, this shall help you experience PeerFives the way it is meant to be. Spread the word around now!

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