Drive Away The Post Festive Season Blues With PeerFives

November 35 mins
Drive Away The Post Festive Season Blues With PeerFives

In India, October has been a month of festivities, and most of the workforce enjoyed a good mix of events at the workplace. Much like you, our readers, the various employees across India celebrated Dusshera and Diwali with colleagues from work. Team lunches, dressing up in traditional clothing, exchanging gifts and sweets were all part of it!

The festive spirit at the workplace surely made the pressure of work non-existent, and a subsequent vacation for the biggest festival celebrated across India did help most employees get that much-deserved break from work and recharge their batteries.

As we kickstart the month of November, the warm lights of the Diwali season and the festive spirit make way for the winters that usually start setting in across India around this time. The culmination of the festive season and the beginning of the winter is a double blow to the Indian workforce, who have to smell the coffee and get back to work.

With Christmas a good two months away, there is very little for employees to celebrate collectively at work. As the days pass by, the Indian industry witnesses a slight dip in the productivity of the employees due to the winter blues. The winters, though not as harsh as most Western countries, do tend to make life a bit difficult for every Indian to get out of bed in the morning.

Living in the post-COVID era has benefits for many individuals who yet can work from home, but a large part of the Indian workforce yet needs to physically be present at their workplace. For such employees, their energy levels and motivation can be extremely low, directly hampering their productivity. Seasonal Affective Disorder is common during these months, and your employees may show symptoms such as loss of interest in day-to-day tasks, tiredness, and feelings of guilt and despair, making it quite similar to depression.

All of the above collectively puts the onus on the organizations that hire these employees to motivate them and ensure their holistic wellness. The primary focus is to uplift the mood of the entire workplace while giving them the appropriate tools to empower each other to do well. Here’s where we believe that the biggest difference maker is PeerFives.

Peer recognition is an important part of an organization’s culture. However, the manner in which it is executed determines its effectiveness. Those familiar with PeerFives would know that it is essentially the simplest way to implement a peer recognition program within an organization. Considering how PeerFives focuses on “Instant Recognition,” you can be assured of it yielding desirable results instantly.

Users of PeerFives can shake off post-Diwali and winter blues by putting it to good use in the following ways:

1. Welcome Peers Back:

Many of your colleagues may be returning back to work after a good few days in their hometown with their families or on vacation with their loved ones. The thought of getting back to work and mundane daily routines can be off-putting; thus, as colleagues, you must try and welcome them as warmly as possible.

In the era of hybrid working, not every employee can be part of this welcome. We suggest you go digital and welcome employees back to the office using PeerFives, with a small reward and a nice welcome message broadcast on Slack.

2. Encourage Every Effort:

Coming back to work after the festive season and getting into the thick of things might be challenging for many. Often there is too much to do, and catching up may take some time, be compassionate.

Use PeerFives to publicly encourage every effort made by them. Even if there are mistakes and they need to be rectified, commend the intent and back them to do better subsequently. This show of faith will definitely help them ease into their daily routine and keep any friction at bay.

3. Meals and Treats:

After bingeing on sweets and snacks through the festive season, many individuals are now back to work away from their families, forced to eat insipid meals. We all know that “Good Food = Good Mood.” So treat your peers to vouchers from Zomato and Swiggy via PeerFives’ Marketplace, and let them enjoy a good meal of their choice to rejuvenate themselves. You could also take the team out for a meal by claiming vouchers from leading restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Mcdonald’s, and more.

4. Team Outings and New Routines:

In contrast to extending the gluttony from the festive season, you can take the initiative to encourage your employees to a fresh and active routine. Using PeerFives’ Marketplace, you can gift peers vouchers for healthier meal options and gym subscription vouchers, also giving away PeerFives to winners of weekly fitness challenges. This will keep the employees engaged, active and instantly promote teamwork after the festive season.

Listed above are just a few ways in which you can maximize PeerFives to unlock the full potential of your team right after the festive season. You can get creative and let peer recognition help you establish a perfectly productive environment while keeping every employee cheerful and motivated.

Those who yet aren’t using PeerFives can get started now! Make the most of our FREE 30-day trial and start rewarding to never let the festive cheer end.