Diwali Gifting Made Simple With PeerFives

October 115 mins

Get Ready For Gifting This Festive Season

Corporate gifting is often challenging. This is primarily due to the multiple interpretations of the gifts by the employees of an organization. The larger the organization, the greater the confusion with regard to gifting. Yes, we totally understand that gifting during the biggest festive season in the country can be overwhelming, but we urge you to stay calm and just place your faith in us! Through this blog, we help you understand how gifting during the festive season can be simplified by just dialing it down to the basics.

There is no doubt that Diwali is the most widely celebrated festival in India. Also, traditionally the festival is preceded by a few more festivals widely celebrated across India, thereby collectively becoming the biggest and the most important festive season in the country. Unlike most major Western festivals, Indian festivals do not arrive on the same date each year, but the end of the biggest festive season in India often coincides with the beginning of the Western Holiday Season, i.e., Thanksgiving.

Keeping this in mind, we need to understand that organizations, in general, are prepping up to add to their employees’ joy during the festive season. Whether it is Diwali or Thanksgiving, or Christmas, the aim of gifting during the festive season is to thank each employee for their service and loyalty. A gift given to the employee adds a little spark to the celebration with family and friends. The idea is to add to the festivities in any possible way.

While the intentions behind corporate gifting are to promote harmony, show appreciation, build a sense of unity, and foster long-term relationships, the entire effort risks getting derailed if the gift itself is inappropriate or insufficient. Gone are the days when corporate gifting simply meant sending a box of sweets/chocolates along with a note wishing the employee. With global conglomerates stepping up their gifting game, the pressure is on organizations of all sizes to gift something that makes an employee feel happy and satisfied because no matter how much we deny it, there is always a sense of competition when employees from different backgrounds compare their gifts.

Many organizations jump on the bandwagon and create gift hampers for their employees but again, in this day and age of remote working, delivering such hampers in the shape and form they were meant to be delivered is a logistical challenge. Conversely, giving a cash bonus to employees based on a certain percentage of their annual income may not be a feasible proposition for all organizations. Furthermore, while giving cash bonuses may seem like the ultimate gift of choice, it does not add the personal touch that is required to make an employee feel special.

While every gift is aimed at making the employee happy, the gift must also contribute to your organization/brand by making it as visible as possible. Gifting with a personal touch will always be a game changer and make employees feel special and valued, promoting more loyalty than ever and fostering a long-term relationship.

Now that we have understood the benefits and pitfalls of the most commonly opted forms of corporate gifting during the festive season, it is perhaps time to consider an alternative form of gifting.

Presenting To You PeerFives: The Comprehensive Peer Recognition Tool

We present to you PeerFives. This is a comprehensive tool that addresses your peer recognition, rewarding, and gifting requirements in the most simple, easy, and efficient manner you’ve ever come across.

Gifting Made Simple, Special & Instant

When it comes to gifting, we like to keep it simple, but at the same time, we ensure that every employee feels special. We don’t believe in boring old gift baskets and boxes of sweets. Generic gifts tend to damage the goodwill the employee has for the organization. As mentioned above, cash bonuses or items of high value may be lucrative, but they either lack a personal touch, or they are too difficult to execute for large organizations or extremely small ones.

The simplest way to gift your employees this festive season is to gift them PeerFives.

Let us make it simple for you.

Register your organization with PeerFives.

We offer easy Slack and Microsoft Teams integration too.

Once set up, your employees can recognize and reward each other instantly. This can be for good work or help offered at the workplace.

A continuous recognition program boosts the morale of the entire workplace regularly.

Things don’t end there. You even get to gift your employees for special occasions using the same tool!

PeerFives are essentially points, and these points have a fixed value in currency, which is also determined by your organization while onboarding.

Whether PeerFives are assigned for good work or for the festive season, employees can head to our personal marketplace and redeem in exchange for a world of goodies.

Right from personalized merchandise to gift vouchers from some of the biggest global brands. Your employees get the gift of choice, you avoid direct comparison, and by offering them a wide variety of personalized merchandise, you don’t end up making the gifts monotonous.

With a single tool, you are able to conquer the challenges of corporate gifting while navigating around the pitfalls as well. So remember, this festive season, gifting your employees is not just another exercise that must be done. It is an opportunity to connect with every employee and create a strong, resolute, and inclusive organization where positivity is spread in all directions. The direct results will be seen in the form of better productivity, loyalty, and creativity while radiating the evergreen message of love and goodness.