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Bringing The Holiday Spirit To the Workplace Using PeerFives

December 135 mins

The Holiday Season is here, and it is time to celebrate! Winter has just set in, and everyone is busy cherishing every single aspect that brings individuals together in life. The Holiday Season begins with Thanksgiving and concludes with New Year’s, and this means everyone has just over a month’s time to meet their loved ones, spend quality time with them, and create memories that last for a lifetime. The Holiday Season is all about the Holiday Spirit and invoking this spirit unifies us through gratitude, generosity, and love.

Whether you are at home or at your workplace, you are often surrounded by people you care about. There are ones you love unconditionally, there are individuals who make you a better person, and then there are people you simply connect with. No matter who they are, you most certainly share a bond that only becomes stronger when you celebrate the Holiday Season with these individuals.

Therefore, bringing the Holiday Spirit to the workplace is essential, especially if you are looking to spread positive vibes, express gratitude to your colleagues, and set the tone for the year to come. Certainly enough, in these 30 days or so, the productivity at the workplace is going to be low, and distractions are going to be aplenty, but by thinking of the Holiday Season as one long team bonding activity, you can make the most of it.

PeerFives is here to help you unlock the full potential of your team throughout the year and this Holiday Season; while the world comes to a standstill, PeerFives enables you to gather your team, give voice to appreciation, and spread positivity through rewards and recognition. The Holiday Spirit’s foundation lies in gratitude and the happiness that stems from it, so let’s see how by using PeerFives, we can better mental health, minimize negativity, uplift our self-esteem, and truly bring the Holiday Spirit to the workplace.

1. Spread Positivity By Embracing Festivities:

Spread Positivity By Embracing Festivities

Positive vibes aren’t always about the grand gestures; even the smallest of details help infuse positivity at the workplace. So this Holiday Season, use PeerFives to promote activities that bring your employees together. Start by arranging a decoration contest. Let your employees show their creative side as they tastefully (or at least we hope so) decorate windows, cabins, cubicles, and pretty much every corner of the office. Set themes for different zones of the office and let everyone collectively work on decorating the Christmas tree. The winners of the contest can be recognized and rewarded on PeerFives.

2. Feel Free To Express Gratitude Publicly:

Feel Free To Express Gratitude Publicly

In workplaces that don’t use PeerFives, this might be challenging and cumbersome. But if you’re a PeerFives user, we’ve got you covered! Just head to your team collaboration software and recognize the good work your colleagues have done over the past year, appreciate any help you may have received, or just thank them for existing and being by your side every single day. Taking time off and appreciating your peers during this festive season is the most special gift you can give. The icing on the cake here is that every single recognition is public. This allows everyone at your workplace read the kind words you’ve written for your peer, thereby amplifying the meaning and sentiment behind the words many-fold.

3. Organize Festive Dinners and Movie Outings:


While dinners and movie outings with the team are undertaken multiple times throughout the year, they seem extra special when done during the festive season. Use PeerFives to redeem coupons for your favorite restaurants, assemble your team for dinner, and enjoy the festivities. Alternatively, if your team is small and you can organize a dinner at the office, redeem coupons and call for delivery. End the night with full bellies and an outing to the theatre to catch the latest box office bonanza.

4. Secret Santa:


Secret Santa celebrations are widely popular across the globe, and you can not only partake in one this year too, but you can also take it to the next level by using PeerFives to fulfill all your gifting needs. Just head to the PeerFives marketplace, redeem PeerFives for vouchers of your peer’s favorite brands and give them the gift of choice. Besides, nothing would be more priceless than using a part of your hard-earned PeerFives to bring a smile to your colleague’s face.

5. The Gift of Giving Back:

The Gift of Giving Back

As an organization, you may be hitting the bull’s eye with your CSR policy, but it wouldn’t hurt to actively involve your employees to give back to the community. Let your team members take the initiative and organize camps to help the less privileged within the community. This can be done either by volunteering their time, gathering donations, or going around and performing random acts of kindness. PeerFives can be used to reward the efforts and initiatives taken by members of your organization.

To sum it up, being the leader of an organization, it can be challenging to unite everyone and celebrate. By bringing fun and frolic to activities, let your team consider this a time to reflect on the meaningful bond formed with their peers and the ways in which they can cherish them this Holiday Season. Get started with our FREE 30-day trial to bring the Holiday Spirit to your workplace using PeerFives.