Our Story

As our company started growing, we realized our success was founded not on individual superstars but on the efficient collaboration and success of the entire team. When we were young, it was easy to associate individual contribution to the success of our projects and our growth. As we continued to grow, we realized we needed a better way to appreciate our team – after all they are at the foundation of our success!

We have always built a team that learns from its successes and failures alike. We rewarded each individual member for their contribution and hard work. So how do we provide that positive reinforcement for our entire team? We developed an internal appreciation program where the team was rewarded for positive outcomes. Rewards ranged from Gift Cards, Beer Fridays, ice-cream socials, movie screenings, paintballing, and even whole day retreats. We found that providing quick positive feedback did wonders to the team’s morale.

In 2016 we started using Slack. We moved our appreciation program to it. Saying “Thank You” or “PeerFives!” was instant. We created a way to recognize employees quickly and effectively with just a simple Slack command. We set up individual and team goals to “10x” our teams.

Work peer recognition programs are no longer nice to have, they are critical to a team’s success.

Team members appreciate it when team leaders recognizes their work and work as a cohesive unit to accomplish goals. Peer recognition is one of the most important building blocks to build a collaborative work culture in any organization. At PeerFives, we help you do just that. Our mission is to help progressive companies unlock the full potential of their teams. Recognize and rewarding employees is a key component of any